Bedale Church Of England Primary School

Learning and Caring Together

Firby Road, Bedale, North Yorkshire, DL8 2AT

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Remote Learning Policy - July 2021

Anti-Bullying Policy

Special Educational Needs Disability Policy (SEND)

Addendum to Child Protection Policy COVID-19

Child Protection Manual September 2021

Privacy Notice Covid-19 Pupils, Parents & Staff

Privacy Notice - Parents & Pupils

Information Policy

Admissions Information and policy - NYCC

Sun Protection Policy

Homework Policy

Accessibility Plan

Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy

Policy for managing Serial and unreasonable complaints

Pupil Attendance

Charging and Remissions Policy

Behaviour Policy

SMSC Policy

Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) Policy

RSE Primary School Guide for Parents

Single Equality Scheme



Other policies available upon request


Health & Safety Policy

Assessment Policy

Marking Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Restraint Policy

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Drugs Policy

Administering Medicines Policy

Online Safety Policy

Mental Health & Emotional Well Being Policy

Religious Education Policy

Equality Policy

Children Looked After Policy

Mathematics Policy

English Policy

Languages Statement

Traffic Management Policy

KS1 Presentation & Marking Policy

KS2 Presentation & Marking Policy

EYFS Presentation & Marking Policy

Online Safety Policy

School Closure Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Vexatious Complaints Policy

Business Continuity & Disaster/Critical Incidents Recovery Plan

Lockdown Policy & Procedure

Policy for Parent/Carer & Visitor Behaviour

Parent/Carer & Visitor Behaviour Policy & Access Restriction Procedure