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We welcome all current and prospective parents and carers to visit school.  Useful information about our school can be found in our prospectus.  Please click on the link in the School Information drop-down (About Our School page). 

We place great importance on working closely with parents and carers, who we encourage to participate fully in school life.

We have a fortnightly newsletter, parent information sessions and workshops during and after school and suggestion boxes in the school entrance. We also hold special events to develop parental understanding of any new initiatives in school. Although the main parental survey is sent out annually, additional surveys may be sent out for information gathering during the year e.g. regarding lunchtime and after school clubs, homework etc.

We operate a compliments, complaints and conciliation procedure so that parents and carers can access the correct person to deal with their individual issue.



Child Protection

Your child's safety is a priority and the staff and Governors rigorously review safety procedures to ensure policies and safeguards are in place to protect and promote the welfare of children and staff.  These safeguards include a Child Protection Policy, a Safeguarding Policy and procedures for dealing with issues of concern or abuse.  If you have any concerns, please speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Mrs Turnbull Headteacher.


Parent/Carer Information

We send out an annual personal information form which includes all contact details we hold on file for your child.  Parents and carers must keep the school informed of:

  • Change of address and telephone numbers
  • Your child's medical details
  • Changes to an emergency contact number

When your child starts school with us, you will receive an Authorisation to Collect Form for you to complete.  This form gives details of the persons authorised to collect your child from school.  You must inform the school of any changes you wish to make regarding this.


Security in School

All visitors should follow the agreed procedure for access to the school.

Access to the school car park is prohibited, every week day, between the following times:

          8.35am-9.15am       and      3.00pm-3.30pm

During the above times, the school gates are closed to vehicles and there is a clear sign informing vehicles that access to the car park is prohibited.

During the school day, all playground gates will be locked.  There is no access to school via the bottom gate at any point during the school day. 


Unavoidable School Closure

The staff have put together a Snow Plan to ensure the safety of the children inside the building and the safety of staff travelling to school.  We have a majority of our staff living in and around York, Richmond, Ripon, Boroughbridge as well as the Dales, which means it can, in extreme weather conditions, be difficult to get staff into school.  Therefore, if on snow days we are more than 4 teachers down, we will endeavour to open by 10.00am.  In the event that more are unable to get to school, a decision will be made by the Headteacher as to whether the school should be closed for the safety of all.  Texts will be sent out to parents on the mornings in question as early as possible, as well as messages via the local radio stations (BBC Radio York and TFM) and the School and County websites.


Friends Support Group

Please see the FSG Pencil on the left on the page for more information about our Friends Support Group.



Support from North Yorkshire County Council Children's Centres:


Hambleton North children's centres - North Yorkshire County Council

 Click the link below for information about Adult Learning courses in our area.

North Yorkshire Courses

Parent Workshops


Each year, we hold workshops across the school to support parents in reading, writing and maths skills when working with their children at home.

Here are some of the comments received from parents:

"The workshops were very useful and informative. The children really enjoyed working with each other in each workshop."

"Really enjoyed this afternoon, especially Mrs Foster's session - Maybe (we could have) a Y5/6 Maths workshop?"

"I enjoyed this event and really appreciate the teachers' efforts."

"I have learnt a lot today!"

"Very useful to gain an insight into what is required of the children play I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of how they are taught!"


Check our online calendar and regular newsletters for more workshop events this year.


Click here for a copy of the Y5/6 Maths Workshop presentation



Thank You for your responses to our Parental Workshop survey. Here are a few of your comments:

‘The space workshop with Miss Woods was very enjoyable’. (Y3/4)

‘Spending time with your child and helping with their education is always
invaluable’. (Y3/4)

 ‘I think having workshops in all areas is useful for being able to guide your
child’. (Y1/2 & Y3/4)

‘The workshops have given me the tools to help my child at home. Before
attending I had no idea about the current curriculum. Very worthwhile, thank
you’. (EYFS)

 ‘Always helpful and informative. Appreciate how much time the staff must
take into organising/preparing for them’.

Full survey results here

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Parental Open Evenings in October. Thank you for your continued support with helping our school community to learn and care together.




EYFS Parental Views Summer

 Below are some of the responses from our latest parental survey.


My child's first year has gone really smoothly. He has had lots of support and has progressed really well. We're very happy with the standard of teaching and how far he has come since he started school.

My son has enjoyed school since day one!

We found the stay and play sessions very beneficial as she was then familiar with the classroom environment once she started school

It has been a wonderful first year at, in my opinion, a wonderful school.

The school is great at ensuring parents, teachers and pupils all work together to get the very best out of each child.

We think the pastoral care has been exceptionally high and we have appreciated that very much. 

Y6 Leavers

We like to hear about our children's experiences at Bedale Primary School. Here are the results and some of the comments we have received.


Some of the comments from the surveys:


(This school is) Really good at welcoming new parents.

My child has been very happy at this school.

The school raises every child's self-esteem.

Lovely school, lovely staff. Thank you for all your support and help throughout my daughter's primary school life.

Since Mrs Turnbull has taken over as headteacher the school has been a more settled and productive place. The children are happy and the range of activities enables the children to try new things.

Our son has been well educated here. A big thank you to all the teaching staff and assistants.

We appreciate that the school has provided a high standard of care for our son.


Homework Surveys

We conduct homework surveys to help us understand parental opinions towards the homework given out during the year.

Thank you for your comments; we will use them to try and improve the homework given our during the coming academic year. Here are some of the main comments and responses:

It was better having the spelling in the back of the homework book as this was more focused for parents and the pupils.From September 2015, we will be sending spelling homework in a dedicated spelling book with spellings taken from the relevant Read Write Inc. unit for that week. Hopefully this will help keep track of the current spellings more easily.

No access to a computer at home, this should not mean the child is penalised for this in a playtime.

We try to offer a variety of tasks with some of these being computer-based as many pupils find these engaging and they provide some good feedback, as well as aiming to prepare pupils for some of the ways of working they will meet when they move to secondary school. If you do not have access at home, there is always a homework club available at lunchtimes during the week. You could also ask your child's class teacher to access the computers early in a morning (from 8:45am) in class or you could visit the local library for free internet access. (click)

Unable to access online library facility.

Support for this service is available by emailing

Thank you for all your help and support.

Thank you, we aim to support all pupils with their work in and out of school

The topic that again caused the most varied responses and comments was that of the frequency of homework. Some parents called for more regular (daily) homework, while others felt fortnightly would be better. We try to strike a fair balance with weekly tasks, appropriate to the age groups. As always, speak to your child's teacher if you have any concerns. 


Click below to visit our e-safety pages for advice and games to

help you and your family stay safe online.

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