Bedale Church Of England Primary School

Learning and Caring Together

Firby Road, Bedale, North Yorkshire, DL8 2AT

01677 422 401

Staff organisation 2016-17

Mrs Turnbull
Mrs Turnbull


Mrs Ball
Mrs Ball

Mrs Pike
Mrs Pike

Mrs Hunter
Mrs Hunter

Year One

Miss Woods
Miss Woods

Mrs Harding
Mrs Harding

Year Two

Mrs Lucas
Mrs Lucas

Mr Boulton
Mr Boulton

Year Three

Mrs Hopps
Mrs Hopps

Mrs York
Mrs York

Mrs Hall
Mrs Hall

Year Four

Mr Holmes
Mr Holmes

Miss Hutton
Miss Hutton

Years Five and Six

Mrs Foster
Mrs Foster

Mr Hartley-Haw
Mr Hartley-Haw

Mrs Durham
Mrs Durham

Mrs White
Mrs White



Mrs E Turnbull

Assistant Headteachers:

 Mrs M Ball and Mrs L Foster

Team Leaders:


EYFS - Mrs M Ball

Y1/2 - Mrs C Lucas

Y3/4 - Mrs L York

Y5/6 - Mr M Hartley-Haw


Class Teachers:


Mrs M Ball (EYFS)

Mrs H Hunter (EYFS)

Mrs L Pike (EYFS - 0.5 FTE) 

Miss F Woods (Y1)

Mrs C Harding (Y1)

Mrs L Hall (Y3) Currently on maternity leave.

Mrs C Lucas (Y2)

Mr S Boulton (Y2)

Mrs R Hopps (Y3)

Mrs L York (Y3)

Miss E Hutton (Y4)

Mr J Holmes (Y4)

Mr M Hartley-Haw (Y5/6)

 Mrs A White & Mrs S Durham (Y5/6)

Mrs L Foster (Y5/6)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:


Mrs S Libera

Mrs C Brown (Working across school)


Advanced Teaching Assistants:


Mrs R Read

Mrs J Jakeman

Mrs D Howard

Mr P Collins

Mrs H Harland


General Teaching Assistants:

Mrs L Haw

Mrs N Nattrass 

Mrs K Fawcett

Miss J Lloyd

Miss J Verity

Miss E Meakin

Mrs K Thorpe

Miss P Ainsley

Miss K Dobson

Trainee Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Wilding 

Administration Staff:



 Mrs S Pennock - School Business Manager

Miss H Smith - Administrator

Mrs J Clark - Administrator

Midday Supervisor Assistants:


Mrs S Kendall
Mrs P Clarkson
Mr C Palmer


Kitchen Staff: Cook:  Mrs S Woodward
Assistants:   Mrs E Croker, Mrs K Gibb, Mrs L Ransome, Mrs C Byrne, Mrs S Scott
Site Supervisor: Mr C McBeath


For information our School Nurse is Jo Mason.  She can be contacted at Bedale Health Clinic on 01677 425111 for any health related questions you
may have



Enhanced Mainstream School

"The Ark"


Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Pritchard Jenkins

Specialist Teacher full time: Mrs Anita Speirs

Home School Medical Teacher: Mrs Carol Ashworth

Advanced Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sharon Hood

 Administration Assistant: Mrs K Gatenby

Parent Support Advisor: Miss Claire Owers