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Sports Fixtures

Throughout the year, we take part in many different sports events. These range from inter-house competitions through to cluster and regional events. In certain competitions, winning teams qualify to compete at county-level.

Our sports captains for 2016-17 are Liam D and Jess P. They help to run some of our events, especially house competitions and tournaments held at our school with the support of other children.

Sports Fixtures Calendar

Sporting Fixtures 2016-17





Year Group

Level 2 Final Date

19th October

Boys Football



10th November (Yr5/6)

16th November

Swimming Gala

Bedale Pool


Open event



26th/ 27th April

15th December

Open Sports hall Athletics

Richmond School


Level 2 Event





Year Group

Level 2 Final Date

27th January

Girls Football



9th February


6th March

Tag Rugby

TBC by organiser


30th March Yr5/6

9th March

Open Cross Country

Catterick Racecourse


Level 2 Event

15th March




23rd March Y5/6

28th March

Quicksticks Hockey



6th April Yr3/4

4th April- proposed date

Key Steps Gymnastics

TBC by organiser

All Years

3rd May





Year Group

Level 2 Final Date

26th/ 27th April

Open Swimming Gala

Richmond Swimming Pool



Level 2 Event

2nd May




10th May Yr3/4

11th May Yr5/6

15th May

KWIK Cricket



26th May Yr5/6

18th May

DRAX Cricket



26th May Yr3/4

7th/ 8th June

Open Quad Kids Athletics

Catterick Garrison Athletics Track


Level 2 Event

13th June

Open Tri Golf

Richmond Golf Club


Level 2 Event

22nd June


TBC by organiser



29th June


TBC by organiser


Open Event

Quad Kids Athletics


7th/ 8th June

4th July


TBC by organiser




Sporting Fixtures 2015-16


Friday 16th October - Bedale Cluster football @BJFC's Vale of Mowbray Stadium

Thursday 12th November - Richmondshire Football Finals (Finished 2nd)

23rd November - Sportshall athletics

28th November - Cluster swimming


14th/15th January - Swimming Gala

2nd February - Netball tournament at Bedale High School

9th February (postponed) - Girls' Football Tournament (re-arranged for 1st March 2016)

TBC - Gymnastics

TBC - Hockey tournament

29th February - Cross Country at Catterick Racecourse

1st March - Hocket tournament

10th March - Cross Country North Yorkshire Finals @ Dalby Forest


Monday 16th May - Y5/6 Cluster Cricket @Bedale Cricket Club - 1st place

Monday 23rd May - Y3/4 Drax Cup Cricket @Bedale Cricket Club - 1st place

June - Richmondshire Cricket Finals @Richmond Cricket Club

TBC - Tennis Festival

14th June - North Yorkshire Cricket finals (Girls) @ Knaresborough Cricket Club - CHAMPIONS!

16th June - Quad Kids

18th June - Cluster Sports Day

TBC - Tri Golf

TBC - Cycling Event

21st June - Whole-School Healthy Day

23rd June - Cluster Rounders @Lambs' Field

6th July - Yorkshire Girls' Cricket Finals @Wetherby Cricket Club

14th July - EYFS & KS1 Sports Day

18th July - KS2 Sports Day

Sporting Fixtures - 2014/15

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Friday 5th September - Welcome back barbeque and "Beat the Teacher Keeper"

Friday 3rd October - Football: Leeming RAF 3 - 2 Bedale

Tuesday 14th October - Bedale Cluster football tournament at Dobson's field.

                                       Bedale United - Runners-up

                                       Bedale Wanderers - 3rd in group-stage

Tuesday 2nd December - Girls' Football Tournament - Winners!


Thursday 5th February - Girls' Level 2 Football - Re-arranged for Friday 6th March (Third place)

Friday 27th February - FA Skills Development event @ Risedale School

Tuesday 10th March - Cross Country at Catterick Racecourse

Tuesday 10th March - KS2 Gymnastics @ Bedale High School

Monday 23rd March - Tag Rugby @ Wensleydale Rugby Club (Group winners!)

Tuesday 21st April - Tag Rugby L2 Event @ Bedale High School (Cancelled)

Monday 18th May - Y5/6 Kwik Cricket Tournament @ Bedale High School (Third Place)

Thursday 4th June - Quad Kids

Wednesday 10th June - Y5/6 Girls' Cricket (Runners-up)

Friday 12th June - Y3/4 Drax Cup Cricket @ Richmond CC (Runners-up)

July 2015 - Y5/6 House Football Tournament (Winners: Wycar)

July 2015 - Cluster athletics at Lamb's Field

Friday 3rd July - Dale and Vale football tournament - (1st place)

Sporting Fixtures - 2013/14

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September 2013 - House Cricket Tournament

Friday 18th October - Football: Leeming RAF  0 - 10  Bedale - click for more

Wednesday 23rd October - Cluster Netball at Bedale High School (postponed due to weather)

Thursday 24th October - Girls' Football at Dobson's field. - click for more

February 2014 - Cluster Hi-5 Netball - Winners!

Wednesday 5th March - Hi-5 Netball Level 2 event

Monday 10th March - Bedale vs Leeming RAF (Girls) 

Wednesday 26th March - Cross Country at Catterick Racecourse

Wednesday 2nd April - Tag Rugby Tournament at Wensleydale Rugby Club - Winners!

Thursday 15th May - Bedale vs Aiskew Leeming Bar - click here

Wednesday 21st May - Fun Run - click here

Thursday 22nd May  - Cluster Cricket event @ Bedale High School (Postponed, now on Tuesday 3rd June)

Friday 23rd May - Girls' Football Tournament at Bedale Primary School - Winners!

Wednesday 4th June - Y3/4 Drax Cricket at Richmond Cricket Club - Runners-up

Thursday 5th June - Girls' Football Level 2 event at Wensleydale School - Runners-up

Friday 13th June - Tag 2 Twickenham - Yorkshire finals - 12th in Yorkshire, click here

Friday 20th June - Level 2 Kwik Cricket at Richmond Cricket Club

July 2014 - Dale and Vale Football Tournament


Sporting Fixtures - 2012/13

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October 2012 - House football tournament (Won by Wycar)

October 2012 - Y5/6 football vs Burneston (away)

Tuesday 27th November - Sports Hall Athletics (postponed due to weather)

Wednesday 5th December 2012 - Swimming gala ~ Bedale Leisure Centre, Bedale

Wednesday 23rd January - Y3/4 multi-sports @ BHS, Bedale

Tuesday 5th February - Key Steps Gymnastics, Bedale

Thursday 14th March - Y5/6 Football vs Burneston @ Bedale Primary School (Bedale Boys 1 - 0 Burneston Boys, Bedale Girls 2 - 2 Burneston Girls)

Thursday 21st March - Cross Country @ Catterick Race Course (1pm - 4pm) *Some of our pupils qualified for the Area Finals.

Thursday 28th March - Cross Country Area Finals

Tuesday 7th May - Tag Rugby (1pm - 3pm) - A and B both came 2nd in group stage

Tuesday 4th June - Y5/6 Kwik Cricket (1pm - 4pm) - 1st and 2nd places

Thursday 6th June - Football vs Aiskew Leeming Bar (4pm - away) - Bedale A Won 4-0, Bedale B drew 0-0

Monday 10th June - Y3/4 Drax Cup Cricket (12pm - 4pm)

June - Cluster rounders - Y3/4 1st in group, Y5/6 2nd.

Thursday 13th June - Y5/6 Kwik Cricket at Richmond School - 1st place (qualified for N Yorks finals)

Tuesday 25th June - Y5/6 Kwik Cricket at York Cricket Club (ASDA North Yorkshire Finals) - 4th place

Friday 19th July - Dale and Vale Football tournament at Bedale Primary School - 1st place

Sporting Fixtures - Summer Term 2011/12

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Wednesday 25th April - Y5/6 Football Tournament @ Colburn. (postponed due to weather)

Wednesday 2nd May - Y3/4 Football Tournament @ Carnagill. - 1st place!

Tuesday 8th May - Tag Rugby Festival @ Wensleydale Rugby Club, Leyburn. - Pool winners

Tuesday 17th May - Y3/4 DRAX Cricket @ Richmond Cricket Club, Richmond. - 1st place!

Tuesday 29th May - TAG Rugby Finals! @ Wensleydale Rugby Club, Leyburn - 3rd place!

Wednesday 13th June - Drax Cup North Yorkshire finals - North Yorkshire Champions!

Thursday 14th June - Bedale Kwik cricket @ Bedale High School, Bedale - 1st place

Wednesday 20th June - FSG Fun Run @ Bedale Primary School

Thursday 21st June - Football - Bedale vs Aiskew and Leeming Bar @ Bedale Primary School

Saturday 23rd June - Football and Fun Day @ Thornton Watlass - 1st and 2nd places

Monday 25th June - Cluster finals - Kwik Cricket @ Richmond School - 3rd place.

Wednesday 4th July - KS1 Fun Run with Multi Skills @ Bedale High School, Bedale

Thursday 5th July - Small and large school athletics @ Catterick Stadium - postponed

Wednesday 25th July - Final of the 2012 Drax cup @ Headingley Stadium, Leeds - Winners!